LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Are you finding it tough to stand out or be your own unique self in your industry? I know that with the pace of things these days – it’s like everyone’s racing. So how do you ensure your brand not only gets noticed but becomes your ultimate weapon for […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY So many people can give you advices but sometimes, it just doesn’t resonate with you. Have you ever had that moment? I sure did and looking back at a recording I did back in February 2021, I wanted to share some of the advices that I didn’t listen to. […]

Podcast cover for the episode reading "6 Pricing Signs you Don't want to miss as a designer"

Are your design rates aligned with your experience and the clients you want to attract? Discover six essential signs that it may be time to adjust your designer rates and elevate your business.

Today we’re talking about a topic that often feels quite taboo, but everyone loves hearing about – Money!