SEO is not always very easy to understand. In fact, when you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, learning SEO can be pretty daunting… I get that! The topic of SEO is so vast, I don’t think there’s actually a limit of how much you can learn about it. But guess what? You don’t […]

Your website plays a crucial role in your business. It’s your online home, a power-machine that speaks about who you are and what you do best when you’re not around. And when this machine is properly “oiled”, it can do magic for your business! And by magic, I mean: Building trust with your visitors Educating […]

With the rise of the “drag and drop” web builders out there, it’s become a hell of a lot easier to create a website for your business – a.k.a your online home! It’s your place to showcase you and everything your business stands for. Think of your website as the modern-day equivalent to having your […]