LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Earlier this year, I collaborated with Ran Segall from Flux Academy to create a freelance course called Freelance Ignite as well as some content for their YouTube channel.  I’m bringing some of that content to my podcast to discuss the five common mistakes designers make when trying to attract […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Picture this, you’re having a conversation with your favorite client—the one who gets what you do, respects you as a business person, and appreciates all you have to offer. This isn’t just a fantasy but a reachable reality when you focus on understanding your ideal client avatar (ICA).  When […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Are you finding it tough to stand out or be your own unique self in your industry? I know that with the pace of things these days – it’s like everyone’s racing. So how do you ensure your brand not only gets noticed but becomes your ultimate weapon for […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY So many people can give you advices but sometimes, it just doesn’t resonate with you. Have you ever had that moment? I sure did and looking back at a recording I did back in February 2021, I wanted to share some of the advices that I didn’t listen to. […]