LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY If you’ve been wondering why your business isn’t attracting clients or why you’re at a standstill, prepare for an enlightening, albeit uncomfortable, experience. In this article, I’ll be covering five reasons your business may be failing.  Understanding the Root Cause of Design Business Challenges First, let’s address the prevailing […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY You’ve probably heard everyone buzzing about AI lately. Some are all excited about its potential, while others are a bit worried about their jobs. But for me, AI has been a game-changer in a good way! I believe we’re still in the early stages of AI, and we’re just […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Earlier this year, I collaborated with Ran Segall from Flux Academy to create a freelance course called Freelance Ignite as well as some content for their YouTube channel.  I’m bringing some of that content to my podcast to discuss the five common mistakes designers make when trying to attract […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY Picture this, you’re having a conversation with your favorite client—the one who gets what you do, respects you as a business person, and appreciates all you have to offer. This isn’t just a fantasy but a reachable reality when you focus on understanding your ideal client avatar (ICA).  When […]