Burnout. It’s a word that hits home for so many entrepreneurs. As a business owner, I’ve felt its weight, pulling me down, dimming my passion and creativity. In the latest episode (Episode 18) of the Create to Convert podcast, Maegan Megginson and I dove deep into the heart of burnout, exploring its causes, impacts, and […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY If you’re like many of us in the creative field, you might find that attracting consistent clientele is one of the tougher parts of our job. It’s something we all wrestle with, especially with the demands of staying visible on platforms like social media.  Recently, I had a chat […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY What does visibility mean in our industry? How does it really shake things up for our business? I recently had an insightful conversation with Steph Wurton about her journey in our industry. She is a Latina Leadership and Visibility Coach, known for her rule-breaking approach and her dedication to […]

LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS OR SPOTIFY I had the chance to sit down with my client, Tarzan Kay, to chat about her rebrand experience, including when is the right time to rebrand and what you need to consider when you’re choosing rebranding and choosing a designer. You can listen to the interview on the podcast, […]