If you’re in the process of DIY’ing your brand, or rebranding your existing business, chances are… you already have an idea of how you’d like your brand to look.

So, you’re ready to create your own brand colour palette, huh? Woohoo! Welcome to Part 2 of 2 for my “What Does Your Colour Palette Say About Your Brand?” blog series, where I’m going to be taking you through the step by step process of how to create your own memorable colour palette for your […]

Thinking of which colours to choose for your brand’s identity, website and social media channels? Great! But before you finalise your colour palette for your brand, have you considered what each colour means, and how it can dramatically impact your audience’s decision to work with you (or not)? Welcome to Part 1 of 2 for […]

There is something much worse than having no customers. And that’s having the wrong ones. When I first embarked on the entrepreneurial journey back in early 2016, not only did I have no idea of WHAT exactly I wanted to do, but I also didn’t know WHO I wanted to serve. And so, like many […]